Below are the most frequently asked questions from our applicants and prospective tenants.

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What are the deposits and fees associated with renting an apartment?
•Security Deposit: $450; $300 is refundable upon the condition of the apartment at time of move out

•Application fee: $30 per applicant (If you have a cosigner, a cosigner application is an additional $30)

•We require renters liability Insurance $12 month

Prices are subject to change at any time

How long is the lease agreement?
We only offer 12 month leases

This is typically not included in the rent prices and is the renter’s responsibility. After you sign your lease agreement you will need to contact Rocky Mountain Power at 1-888-221-7070 in English or 1-888-225-2611 in Spanish.

Natural Gas:

Natural gas is the renter’s responsibility. Brook Hollow Office will set up your gas account through Relms, our billing company. If you will be living in
Is the neighborhood safe?
Yes, our neighborhood is safe and is a family-friendly environment! We recommend calling the South Ogden Police Department do get verification.
Can I have a satellite dish?
You are permitted to have a satellite dish if you have a unit with a patio, provided the dish is free-standing on the patio. You may not mount the dish to the building, railings, in the common areas, etc. and you are not permitted to drill any holes in the building or walls. Please check with our leasing staff before signing up for satellite service to insure compliance with our policies.
I’m locked out of my apartment. What do I do?
If you are locked out during business hours, you can come to the office to be let back in your apartment. If you are locked out after hours you can call emergency maintenance to let you back in. Please note, there is a $50.00 charge for afterhours lockouts due at the time of service payable by check, cashier’s check, or money order. No cash is accepted. We will need to verify that you are on the lease with a photo ID or by verifying personal information in the file.
Do you have on-site maintenance?
Yes. Our professional and friendly maintenance staff is on site Monday thru Friday, 9:00am – 6:00pm. In addition, our maintenance team is available 24 hours a day for any emergencies.
Moving Out
All keys must be returned to Property Manager no later than 12:00PM on the last day of your lease. All belongings and personal items must be completely removed from the apartment before your lease expires. Please make sure that your rental account is paid in full at the beginning of the month. You may contact a 801 479-6670 regarding the amount of your last month’s prorated rent.

Cleaning: For information regarding cleaning guidelines and restoration fee information, please check your Resident Handbook for your property. If you have any questions, please contact a Marketing Associate at msc@msc-rents.com or 434-227-4135.

Move-Out Inspections: We strongly recommend that you arrange to be present during your move-out inspection. In order to schedule a move-out inspection with your Property Manager, please contact the Leasing Office at 801 479-6670 at least one week prior to last day of your lease.

Ash Tree, Cambridge Square, Wellington Court and Preston Square Residents: Your Property Manager will close out your account with The Billing Associates for water, sewer and gas usage. As you well know, the billing cycle is one or two months following the actual usage dates. We recommend that you do not send any payments to The Billing Associates seven (7) days prior to your lease expiration date. Refunds of overpayments from The Billing Associates could take from 4-6 weeks to be processed. Therefore, any remaining balance will be deducted from your Security Deposit. This information will be itemized on your statement.

Security Deposits: Security deposit checks will be returned to one person on the lease. When you turn in your keys, you will be asked to provide a forwarding address. Your security deposit will be sent to the forwarding address that you provide. When more than one forwarding address is provided, one address will be selected. Management Services Corporation has up to 45 days to return your security deposit.

For additional information regarding moving out, contact your Property Manager at 801 479-6670.
What are the rules regarding parking?
Parking is not assigned. However,The parking lot is for Brook Hollow residents and their guests only. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owners’ expense and risk. If your registration is not current, if vehicle is abandoned, and/or your vehicle is inoperable your car is also subject to be towed.
What Fire Precautions do your buildings have?
Every apartment comes equipped with its own smoke detectors. Our buildings are also equipped with fire extinguisher.
How work the realms sub-metering system?

First, we assure you that this system treats each person as fairly as is possible. The realms system was designed to monitor the energy used by heating of each apartment so that residents could be billed for their individual use and not for the careless waste of others.

The realms system has another benefit. It allows energy savings to be passed along to residents who are on the system. This is accomplished by the reduced rates that the supplier gives master-metered buildings, and low "new account" and "billing" fees.

The following is an explanation of the natural gas billing procedure.

  • Step # 1

    The natural gas meter (s) are read and usage is calculated using the supplier's tariff (the rate figures). The realms apartment sub-meters are also read.

  • Step # 2

    If applicable, the energy used by coin-up laundry equipment is deducted from the total gas bill.

  • Step # 3

    The heat rate charged is determined by dividing the total heat units used, as indicated on the sub-meters, into the coat of the natural gas for heating. The remaining portion of the gas bill is divided among the residents for gas used to heat the water. This is not a water bill. If water is billed it will be on a separate line.

  • Step # 4

    Bills are sent by first class mail to residents giving a breakdown of above charges. For convenience of the resident, rent and other charges are included on the billings. Managers are sent a summary print - out those details, all charges to all residents..


When the natural gas supplier the company individually meters apartments may charge $5.00 or more per month as a customer fee. The gas supplier may charge a 30.00 or more connection fee to new accounts. In some cases, a deposit of up to $120.00 is required. At a master metered, Realms sub-metered apartment complex the resident does not have to pay the $30.00 connection fee or $5.00 monthly "customer" fee. Realms require a modest "new Account" fee ($15 at move-in) and a reasonable billing fee of $4.00. Total fuel billing amounts cannot exceed the gas supplier's bill sent to the apartments. It is illegal to make a profit on the allocation of gas downstream of the supplier's meter. Realms, Inc. works closely with Public utilities Commission personnel and the natural gas company in determining its policies and practices. Overall, it costs less to live in an apartment served by the Realms System.

Realms personnel are available to answer question any time during regular working hours.(801) 363-2230.
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